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  • Life Matters

    I applied our wiki for spotlight, heres the link please put your signature under the "users list your names here"

    Community Spotlight

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  • Life Matters

    When we get 100 pages we will have a huge party right here on the wiki! We will have music, talk, blah blah blah.

    Okay so first order of business we need to get 100 pages correct? So whoever makes the 100th page gets a special prize ( no its not a admin,bur,rollback right )


    1) the page must be developed, detailed, and not be a stub

    2) consistant spelling throughout the article

    3) the user must have at least 30 edits on this wiki ( good edits )

    4) if a user just joined the wiki and makes the 100 page it won't count as they never really did anything.

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  • Life Matters

    Thank you everyone

    June 23, 2011 by Life Matters

    Wow! I am completly lost for words! You all have brought this wiki to success. When sure we could use some more members, But you all have helped so much. We have 41 pages! And this wiki has only been around for 3 days!

    When I was helping over at the Sims Medieval Wiki, It took 3 weeks just to get 30 pages. And look at what we have accomplished? I applaud all of you. And I want to thank you all for your outstanding performance on this entire wiki.

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  • Life Matters

    This page is just used for me making user boxes & page banners

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  • Life Matters

    Ideas? Who here likes the new background and colours and who here doesnt.

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