Galactic empire

Recently, a large increase in corporate sales has arrived. All nations are now required to decide to allow monopolies on industries in their countries or to forbid it.

If a country forbids a monopoly in their country, Then a company may not buy a entire industry,

International Monopolies are now forbiden and NO company may run global industries. ALL International companies will be taxed 30% of all their income by the UFN. The money will be distruted to Peace Keeping operations and other UFN operations. This law has been ordered a decree by the President of the UFN and is not up for vote. All countries that do not take part in this shall be ignored by the entire community.

All countries must take part in this before July 15th.


The President and Chairman of the UFN ( United Federation of Nations )

Life11@Admin 04:19, June 25, 2011 (UTC)