These are officially approved and enforced by United Federation of Nations. The UFN has complete power to kick someone out of power from a country, or remove anyone from any position or power. The UFN also is allowed to change the tax rates of any country. Arguing with any UFN standards or laws will get you a 6 month ban.

1) To produce a object you will need the resources to create it. So you will need to find another company ( or create one ) that produces that resource.

2) If a countries government decides to change its constitution it will have to be passed by that countries government.

3) To declare war, or use military operations a Nation's government must follow these rules and instructions ( link soon )

4) a citizen may vote for a president/prime minister if that country has a democracy.

5) a nation's government must create a tax law that will decide on all of its citizen's income

6) a nation's government may nationalize any company that is apart of their country.

7) if a nation decides to disobey the UFN it will be a target for world wide war and the UFN members will vote on banning that Nations head of state.

8) No cussing or that will result in a permenant ban.

9) Never disobey the Vice President or the President of the wiki

10) Every ban will be voted on unless the President decides to push it through without a vote

11) The President may veto any ban or any head of states election