Qwarash is the second largest city in Switzerland run by The Swiss Government this large city is located in the Swiss Alsps and is the capitol of Switzerland. It is also the home of the leader of Switzerland, Alexander Hurquin Smith or Edgar Wildrat.

Reaching the cityEdit

To reach the large capitol you have two options:

Go on a monorail (this is used by citizens who do not live there but work in Qwarash

or you can take a plane, often times taking a plane will be used by rich guests. Qwarash contains three airports: Two large ones and a smaller one in the east section.


The citizens of Qwarash are approimately 60% of the population in Switzerland


There are several organizations in Qwarash including the base of The Red Cross and the parlimeant building for The Swiss Government there is also a small office complex for Python Exports and Imports

Notable Bot/Real CitizensEdit

There are, of course, many bot citizens some important ones are:

The Parliment Members including Jonathan West

Hector Python

(On occasion) Samantha Smith

The real-life-time citiznes are"

Alexander Hurquin Smith or Edgar Wildrat