Recently, I have noticed that there is something to smooth about this virtual world. Everyone is always fine, everyone leads something and its all easy. Well, I am proposing several ideas.

  1. A universal currency. Something simple
  2. A life card system life cards are something that people will have to use to buy, repair etc. For example in your mail you oculd recieve something that says "you have been in a car crash. Pay $1,000 for repairs."

The currency system I would request dollars. Everyone will start off with, lets say, a million dollars. Each day, you will pay $50 on food and water, so people don't cheat the money system could be a page protected so that only Admins can edit it. Every day/week you could make a certain amount of moeny varying on your job. There can be achievements such as Millionaire, Billionaire etc. If you run out of money then you could maybe, be banned for a week or something? I would like to know what people think of this, I believe it should be taken into effect with some modifications if neccary.

Currency System?Edit

What kind of currency should we use? It's not important but we should still know

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