Welcome to the Nation Life Wiki! Please enjoy editing here. Be sure to read our rules before you begin editing, we don't want you to get mixed up in a ban that is not rightfully yours. Have a fun editing experience. Make sure to check out the United Federation of Nations!
Welcome to the Nation Life Wiki!
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Add a page of a country, company or something you lead. But that's not what this wiki is limited to, you can make places and much more! Enjoy editing here, maybe someday you'll be an admin also!

Wiki News
  1. All edits should be made assuming Good Faith.
  2. You must gain your editing rank on the leaderboard. If you are caught doing edits that are being done over and over again, you will get a strike.
  3. Three strikes means you get a ban, this ban's length will depend on what you have done.
  4. Do not pick fights with other users just to get attention, this will get you an automatic strike.
  5. Do not make categories without administrative permission.
  6. You may only add images that are your own. Screenshots are welcome but don't add copyrighted images. (Any image owned by a big company or group, like a picture of character, made-up place, or a design, will be removed and you will get a strike.)
  7. No grudges can be held to any members of this wiki because of an incident that did not occur on this wiki.
  8. Admins cannot be promoted without a community vote unless there are less then 10 active members on the wiki.
  9. Do not claim an idea of a page as yours. Ideas are shared throughout the wiki, and protecting an idea will give you an automatic 2 day ban.
  10. Absolutely no cussing! This will get you a 3 day ban, no strikes. You've been warned.
  11. The Administration has great experience, please do not disrespect their decisions. If you do, you will earn a ban or a strike, depending on the disagreement.
  12. Posting a picture of yourself will result in an automatic ban, no strikes. The length of the ban will be decided on the severity of this picture.
  13. Do not edit pages in short length, or add non-existing or false categories to a page. Earn achievements fairly, just like everyone else. Doing this will get you a four day ban.
  14. If you are an anonymous user, please do not complain about a ban, doing so will result in that ban being lengthened.
  15. Fighting your ban, as a registered or an unregistered user will get the ban lengthened.
  16. Most promotions to rollback, or admin will be discussed in a public, administrative blog for the community to vote on the promotion.
  17. Absolutely no inappropriate language, words, thoughts, or behavior! You will receive NO strikes or warnings, but get a 3 day or longer ban, depending on the severity of your language, words, thoughts, or behavior.
  18. A user may not instantly become an admin, it depends on many things.
  19. Only administrators may vote on promotions to bureaucrat.
  20. Demotions of administrators and rollbacks will be discussed in the public as well, following the 2:1 rule.
  21. Bureaucrats will require a 2:1 community vote, and a 1:1 admin vote to be demoted.
  22. Do not Spam, Swear, Insult, Plagarise or Vandalize.
  23. Have fun editing!
Administrative Blog
  • June 23,2011
    • Wiki now has 70 pages!
    • Captain Crimson is promoted to administrator and rollback.
Help Wanted

We need your help. We are trying to build our wiki for fun stuff, please help us by adding pages.

  • Types Of Pages We Need
    • Pages about companies.
    • Pages about countries.
    • Pages about citizens of countries.
    • Pages about our users fan created avatars.
    • Much more! Let the editing begin!

NOTE: Please contact an administrator before creating a category.

Recent Activity

The Nation Life Wiki is in not in any way directly associated with the actual world, all its content which includes but is not limited to pages, categories, and templates is created for the humor and enjoyment among the users of the Nation Life Wiki. This disclaimer is to officially state that the contents of this wiki are NOT in the real world or related thereof.