The Nation Life Property Authority(NLPA) is in charge of all sales, and exchanges of property.

How to...Edit

To buy a property, building, or port, simply send a message to an employee's talk page. Be sure to go to the players user page to send them the message. Simply tell them what property you'd like to buy, and even send them a link to make thinks simpler.

Types of PropertyEdit

  • Port ~ A Port is a land that is near water, where ships and boats may dock, to un load goods, bring goods on board, trade, or simply just for luxry
  • Store ~ A Store is a type of building, located, usualy in main central areas. These buildings are used to sell goods to custumores and make a profit
  • Factory ~ A Factory is a type of building, located, usually in cities, that create products and goods to sell to other countries and stores.
  • Empty Lot ~ An Empty Lot, can be located anywhere, it is just an empty piece of land, where you can build anything you want