The Nation Life Citizenship Embassy is in charge of keeping track of the amount of Citizens that our online game has! So if your new, be sure to check in here!


If you are viewing this page, we are assuming you are new to this wikia! Well as you can see, this wikia is an online game! A virtual world, where practically ANYTHING is possible, and we are very glad to have you. To get started you should leave a message on an employee's talk page, from there, an employee will get to you, and work on registering you here, as a citizen of the Nation Life Wikia. From there, they will direct you on how to make your player page and help you create the virtual you!


Registering is simple! Simply snd a message to an employee, including what you want your player's:

  1. Name to be(First, Middle, Last)
  1. Where you live(Country, City)
  1. A short description of your player

NOTE: This is not asking your ACTUAL real life information, but a made up, make believe, information.


It's easy to get a job, simply join a company is the area you live, and get a job there! You will then be able to start making money, and getting a reputation. Be sure to help your company out! After a while you may even want to create your own company!