The Featured Weekly Artile or FWA is the Nation Life Wiki's Featured Article System.

Why do I want my article to be a Featured Weekly Article?Edit

You may want your article to be a Featured Weekly Article for 2 possible reasons:

  1. Your article will become popular becuase it is so well written that it won this award
  2. This will get people to notice your article
  3. You might gain popularity as a writer of Nation Life

How do I get my article to be a FWA Nominiation?Edit

Nominiate IN the comments once. Then, at the end of the week all nominations will be put into a poll at the bottom of this page. Where you will vote for the next FWA!

Rules of FWAEdit

  1. Only 5 articles are accepted.
  2. Only nominate articles not blog posts etc.
  3. Do not nominate the same article twice
  4. User pages cannont be nominated
  5. Don't spam the nomination page or you may be banned and your article won't be excepted.

Current NominationsEdit

Lawrence Daggerpaine II

Washington D.C.