World 600w

On the Nation Life Wiki, You can run a country the way you think it should be run. So, you may claim a country, create a government, and get other users to join your government or political party. If your country is a democracy then you will decide how often elections are, if you have active users in your government you must consult them.

if you are going to claim a country, please go to the list below and put a - claimed next to it.

example, Afghanistan-claimed

Then, create a page describing your country, government, current head of state ( fanon please nothing from real life ) then add the link to your government by the country you claimed.

China - open

India - open

Russia - taken ( needs a president )

United Kingdom - taken

France - taken

Germany - open

Italy - open

United States of America - open

Mexico - open

Spain - taken

Cananda- open

Argentina - taken

Switzerland - taken

Iran - open

Saudi Arabia - open

Israel - open

Brazil - open

Japan - taken

South Africa - taken