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Argentina is located on the continent of South America, it is one of the larger countries on the continent. The capital of the country is Buenos Aires. The country has many great views and places to visit and check out!


The main politics of Argentina can be found at the Argentine Government page. This here will just give you the quick facts about the political system of Argentina.

Government Type: Democracy
Argentina flag

The Argentina Flag

President: User:Capt. Skull X

Vice President: - Still open -

Number Of Congressmen: N/A


  • Buenos Aires~ Capitol
  • Mar Del Plata ~ Port City
  • Santa Cruz ~ Industrial City
  • Ushuau ~ Tourist City

    A map of the country

  • Salta ~Industrial City
  • Bahia Blanca ~ Port City


North-West RegionEdit

The provinces of the North-west region include Jujuy, Salta, Tucuman, Catamarca and La Rioja. The North-west is a mountainous region, which includes Andean peaks of up to 7,000 metres above sea level. A high plateau, the Puna, lies near the Chilean and Bolivian border. Fruit, olives, wine, sugar, minerals, oil, and gas are the main produce of this sparsely-populated area

The PampasEdit

The provinces of this area are: Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, La Pampa and the south eastern part of Córdoba. It is situated in the central-eastern region of Argentina, formed by vast expanses of plains and pastures. It covers approximately one quarter of Argentina's total land area. The soils are among the richest in the world. The Pampas can be subdivided into the eastern, humid pampas and the dry pampas to the West. The humid pampas has an average rainfall of 1,000 millimeters per year. Agriculture in the area includes the growing of wheat, corn and oil seeds, and the grazing of great herds of cattle on the extensive plains. Industrial production extends over the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Cordoba. Of all regions, The Pampas has the largest population, the main city being Buenos Aires which has a population of 12,000,000.