Alexander Hurquin Smith is Edgar Wildrat's player in Nation Life. He is currently the Monarch of The Swiss Government his only known family member is Samantha Smith his younger sister by 5 years. They were both born in Zurich

Early LifeEdit

Alexander Hurquin Smith grew up in a small apartment house in Zurich, Switzerland. His parents were not very wealthy but believed in a good education. Like his sister, he was sent to a private school for elementary where he recieved some of the highest marks in schools. By 16, he could speak German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and English fluently.


For college, Alexander went to Harvard where he studied to be a politician while his sister studied to be a professor in geology


Now Alexander Hurquin Smith lives in Qwarash, Switzerland due to his work, Alexander Hurquin Smith most always stay in the area, involving in world peace projects. He is visited frequently by his sister, Samantha Smith